Monday, June 26, 2006

School days… before T.A.F.S

I did my schooling from three different schools, though the lion's share of my school life was spent in The Air Force School (TAFS), Delhi only. I started going to school a the age of three when I joined St.Mary's School in Ranchi. The school, I believe laid firm foundations for my academically inclined mind. Though I do not remember the names of any of my fellow classmates except one Vinod ( he was the monitor, you see I've always been in leadership vicinities if not always being The Leader), I really think that the standards they had set for themselves and hence for us were really first-rate. This I realised when I came to Delhi at the age of five and took admission in a certain 'Hycinth School'. It was a pretty mediocre school according to me but well I had to get admitted as it was mid session and admissions in most schools were closed.
Although I should have entered K.G class, but since I cleared their pretty absurd admission test (after two years already spent in education they asked me to spell kamal, madan, raman, chaman, bhavan…...{<-- these were in hindi},good, bad, up, down, yes, no, if, but and what not) meant for one hour in ..what…..10 minutes ( Ripley's believe it or not - its true ) , the convinced my parents of getting me admitted to class 1 and so it happened. There I made two friends - Anish and Tushar, with both of whom my rapport today is just about that occasional hi-hello when we happen to cross each other while roaming about in my locality (even that is not de rigueur, I find myself lazy for even that little gesture. Ok..mmm ....they are lazy too, I shouldn’t be giving myself airs. there is already enuf of it in my stomach....

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