Saturday, June 24, 2006

TOP Rated Comedy Flicks

The Phenom rates the following as the finest comic movies of bollywood :

Andaz Apna Apna

Tell me one character in this movie from raj kumar santoshi which does not induce laughter. stellar performances from both aamir and salman. not to forget the evergreen paresh rawal.

Hera Pheri

This film solely brought the brilliant comic nuances of akshay kumar and paresh rawal to the limelight. and priyadarshan became the new king of comedy genre films.


situational comedy at its best. the film weaves laughter by means of funny misunderstandings. laughs so much that'll ache your stomach. but don't worry for the stomach, go ahead watch it if you haven't. the sheer enetertainment will 'more' than compensate for the stomach ache.'far more'.


evergreen movie with immaculate performances from sunil dutt, om prakash, kishore kumar, mahmood and saira banu. truly marked the coming of age of comedy in indian cinema.


golmaal hai bhai sab golmaal hai! watch it as many number of times and you will only appreciate it more every time. amol palekar and utpal dutt create magical chemistry.

Deewana Mastana

A quite underrated film. Has powerful performances by govinda , johny lever, juhi chawla. Anil Kapor rarely does comedy but when he does, its always awesome. recent example - no entry.


superb performances by sanjeev kumar- devan verma. Based on Shakespeare's 'comedy of errors'.confusion due to twins and more twins and more twins ( and more....) is not new in indian comedy films. but this is the movie that dealt with this scheme originally is angoor. copycats include a-not-as-good-as-original 'Bade miyan chhote miyan' starring big b-govinda, an immensely forgettable mithun-johny lever starrer, and also one shekhar suman starrer t.v. serial.

Chupke Chupke

In this film , the acclaimed filmmaker hrishikesh mukherjee charms you with his middle class lierate sensibilities meets humour meets arms length accessibility. a beautiful and subtle product from the master director.

Mujhse shaadi Karoge

a total Akshay kumar movie. This hunk at his best can make you laugh like no one else can. salman and priyanka complement well.

Jaane bhi do Yaaron

Though this movie cannot be put in the core comedy genre of films, it has some brilliant laughter moments that will definitely chuckle your funny bone. naseeruddin shah and ravi vasvani both are too good, though I must add that the less celebated ravi vasvani was better at the comic angle.

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