Sunday, September 24, 2006

main shayar to nahin

Hurray!! Midsemester exams are now over and done with. Initially I was a little apprehensive about how well will I be able to perform because I began the preparations a lot later than other folks. But to my utter surprise I hardly faced any problem in any exam because of that.

Following is my first attempt at writing a nazm. With my long standing fascination for ghazals, I, well knew writing them would be something I'd definitely do, even if only as a hobby. It has always been like this with me, the innate desire to do by myself what I appreciate others doing. In the past this character of mine has led me to making sketches, writing hindi poems, writing short stories, playing certain sports, doing imitations, even starting this blog and now writing ghazals. So looking back, I think this characteristic of mine has only given me something or the other, it never takes from me anything except a little bit of time which I would have wasted in some futile timepass activity anyway. Now that the exams are over, I had all the time to make a sincere first attempt, so I wrote this one today.


''नम आँखें .....''
इतनी सख्ती तो न बरतों
के नमी आँखों में छा जाए

सच जो है, होता है कड़वा
ये जानते हैं हम ,
इसको इतना न पिलाओ के समझ
राज़ -ऐ -गुलशन आ जाए

इतनी सख्ती तो न बरतों
के नमी आँखों में छा जाए

अब तो यारों से मिलने में
भी रहती है शिकन ,
लगता है डर के कब किस बात
कोई यार खफा हो जाए

इतनी सख्ती तो ना बरतों
के नमी आँखों में छा जाए

तुमको भी तो कभी मेरी
यादें ज़रा आती होंगी,
सोचता हूँ तेरी यादों के सिवा
तू भी कभी आ जाए

इतनी सख्ती तो न बरतों
के नमी आँखों में छा जाए


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tagging - Vagging

I was thinking about writing a post for long now, but in the absence of any internet enabled computer and idea, there was no way I could. Yes, there is a wi-fi ( or is that hi-fi) computer centre available to us at the college, but I hate the idea of waiting for long periods for a computer to get vacant, and at the end of it when you finally get one, some dukhi aatma sort of a guy, looking more dukhi than prince's mother was when prince fell into the 52/55/60 feet(52 feet was reported by zee news, 55- ndtv, 60- star news) bore, plus I just cant describe the sort of fulfilment I experience when I get up , and his facial expression ( I never seem to remember how my facial expression was when I was hunting for a vacant computer) changes and reminds me those of grasshoppers and frogs when the first rains of monsoon come. And I suddenly feel I have done a great Karma which has taken me a step closer to moksha. All these factors put together never allow me to put more than 10-15 minutes on the net. Considering my typing speed is just an inch faster than a leopard (when he's sleeping, of course), I could never find time to post. But now that I am home, I have time, and idea has been given to me by Candid Diary, its time to complete the tag.

I am thinking about marrying katrina kaif…I just hope sallu bhai will be kind…he'z a real bhai..i just hope he remains one … and adds a behn.. Katrina. Plz visit … popularly known as the orkut killer.
I said see mom…govindapatla..patla govindadekho naa….actually I was watching 'Swarg' right now. Seems to be a loose copy of 'Baghban'…the clever director released it ten years earlier though.
I am gonna sleep right after writing my share of crap for the day.
I want to flaunt……….only if I had a killer physique.
I wish I knew the difference between 'I want' and 'I wish'.
I love money…I always did…I realized just recently.
I cry –bachao bachao every time I see my warden.
I hear – or try my best to hear, the telephonic conversations of young coochie coochie couples…oops, is that called hearing or overhearing
I wonder – if I would be able to marry katrina kaif, how many SMSes will sallu send me…will vivek oberoi come to my rescue.. But why'll he.. I haven't even seen any one of his umpteen 'attempts' ( at acting, yaar) .
I regret – answering the section 'I am thinking about' in the way I did…god plz help mobile has just received an SMS, and I hope its not his…give me the courage to open and see it.
I confuse salman with vivek…hmm maybe I confuse abhishek with vivek…not sure ..hmmm.
I dance a little better than sunny deol, OK add his dad too.
I sing 'tum to thehre pardesi' by the one and only, the illustrious, the dynamic ALTAF RAJA…I swear I sing it every day .. Even our barber does..actually that’s how I and our local barber became rocking to Altaf Raja tunes…now he gives me a ''5 Rupaye ki BHAARI CHHOOT''.
I am not always thinking about marrying Katrina kaif, I have plans about kareena as well..and yess this time no fears…shahid kapur ko to main dekh loonga..
I write crap…and love reading it..
I need to Stop now.