Wednesday, January 10, 2007

logging it off

This will be my last post as a blogger. I may start writing posts again sometime in my life. I don't intend to, but never say never.

Life in blogosphere was good. It made me introspect, it made me analyse things, it made me crack jokes, it made me remember my past. I do all these things outside of blogosphere as well. I read other people's ideas about certain issues which were not in conformation with my notions. But I learnt to accept those ideas as they were. It made me receptive. This was very difficult outside of blogosphere. I feel thankful for this. :)

I made some friends here. With all respect to blogger buddies, to call them friends, in the true sense of the word, would be a misnomer, if not exaggeration. That’s simply because I never met any of them. I never knew anything about what they look like. I couldn't recognise if I crossed them at some metro station. But this was also the reason that I'd value these buddies. Because I didn't make friend with boys or girls, I didn't make friends with usernames, ofcourse , the best part is I made friends with feelings, with thought processes, with ideologies, with reactions. I value it because when I make friends with people, it is sometimes at the cost of these things - ideologies, reactions etc. Here, there wasn't any compromise. :)

There are times when we feel sad, when we find others bad, when we feel low, feel unworthy, feel frustrated, when we do not feel like communicating, when a feeling of insignificance grips us, when we feel like going into a shell. :(

Well, I don't have any such problems. Not at this point of time at least. :)

I won't blog, in most probability, because the broadband at home is being disconnected, it ( internet ) was considered to be a time-eater of sorts by the authorities ( parents ), and I didn't show any resistance, as, somewhere in my conscience, I failed to disagree. I never had the patience to check the computer centre at college for surfing. I will never have. I do not have money to shell out in the internet cafe. Here I won't say, 'i will never have' though. :)

For that matter, I wouldn't be orkutting either, but this post is just about no longer blogging. To write a post about no longer orkutting would be giving too much respect to the epidemic. :)

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