Wednesday, January 17, 2007

miya mithhu ki chatkaar !

So I am back at college. And henceforth will be more vella than I was during vacations. Here we are free to do whatever we like, whenever. Teachers do not stop us from missing classes, and if students don't miss classes for some considerable time, the teachers infact start missing them to make up for the balance. Yeah, the balance between work and play. Things weren't so much 'as you wish' at home. The moment tendulkar or sehwag would turn up for batting mummy used to send me for either buying milk or for checking if the watertank at the terrace is overflowing or filling up the water bottles or pasting shoe-polish on my head.. Ufff. I still don't know why mummy thinks I'll get spoilt if I watched them bat. And like loyal wellwishers of mom, they used to be back in pavilion, however fast I tried to back to the T.V. Well now I do realise mom wasn't worried about me getting spoilt but my batting technique. Ok enough bragging. As it is someone has called me miya mithhu today.

Here at college, after being away for more than a month, everyone seems fatter..maybe because of the multiple layers of clothing. I have joined a week later than all my fellow mates. And I was overjoyed when they greeted me with warmth, with energy, ekdum ''khuley dil'' se, as if all of them were back straight from an open heart surgery. In the morning itself, I saw a new girl at mechanical department, a mid term transfer from NSIT. The oh so revealing dress she was wearing wasn't quite in sync with the weather neither with people's intentions. For, once I thought about telling her, but presuming her apparent 'nobody tells me a.k.a to hell with what you think' mahesh bhatt type of arrogance, I decided to stay back. Of course the sight wouldn't have caused me dengue, it was only spreading happiness everywhere.

Meanwhile, I listened to radio after a long long time yesterday. Some loveguru was throwing love-gyan everywhere. At first it fired a spring of optimism in me. So I stuck to that station for sometime, some three four people had called in between some melodious songs, and that crook asked all of them to back out of their respective affairs. Yeh kya rishtey karaega ! - one of my friends remarked. I couldn't agree more. Changed station. Some Dr.Love was on air. I was left too hopeless to try him out. I knew he wouldn't be worse than loveguru so I could even try him out to give him an equal chance.. Par samaajseva karne ka mood nahi tha.

In between all the hi hello, the mess food has again arranged depression attacks for me. The amount of raw flour left on each of the rotis is enough to prepare naans for a baraat of thousand people. And the daal has enough water to dryclean a dinosaur but insufficient 'daal' grains to feed a sparrow.

That’s it for now, someone frustated waiting for a computer to empty is staring me like she will cut my fingers, fry it with my blood and donate this pakwaan as parshaad to her friends. Though I know, she won't be doing any modulus of elasticity blah blah project but sit down to orkut orkut chitkut. But still main yahan se kat leta hoon before she eats me up. Dracula ki bhaanji. You take care while I buy myself a mitthu.


p.s. somebody suggest an apt title.. digest this one until then.

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