Saturday, March 10, 2007

what this budget means for you ?

I really don't know yaar. nothing about the budget. sorry folks.

Just came here because I hadn't really blogged for some while except for that holi gesture in between. So thought to just go and start typing. I do not have anything in specific to talk about as of now. Lets see if something meaningful comes out as I keep on hitting the keyboard's keys. But one thing is sure, I will post no matter what mumbo jumbo comes out of it. So, read it at your own will. There is no risk here, though.

Midsemesters are a week away. Haven't started anything at all. This is a rather oft-heard phrase in college and school circles. But a lot of the times when people say they haven't started anything, it actually means they still have to revise some parts of these three subjects. And the second revision of about two subjects will be impossible to carry out. But with me it means I have no idea of the syllabus, don't know what books to refer, what portions to do and what not to. But I still don't change this habit because it has never really harmed me very much. I somehow manage to pull it up half an hour before the exam. Maybe this habit is a 'disaster waiting to happen'. I hope it never does.

I have been reading quite conflicting and mutually contradicting stuff lately. While I have been reading a lot about work ethics and all by stephen r covey, at the same time I really enjoyed bertland russell's praise of idleness. I read a bit about psychoanalysis, dream interpretation, subconscious mind and NLP. I don't know why, but whenever go through this stuff, it fascinates me more and more. Also went to a bookstore for Jagjit singh's biography but the in-excess-of-thousand pricetag gave palpitations to this guy of limited resources and unlimited wants.

By the way, it was my birthday yesterday. Thank you thank you. Bas bas theek hai. I have been eating a lot of outside heavy food these days and I think its now showing visually as well as kinetically.

Watched star news after a long time. And thought that the time could have been longer. I mean what was the hurry. I could have made my case strong for the sensible-boy-2007 award for keeping away from this nuisance. But I did watch it today. And these are the headlines - mallika sherawat burqey mein !!! Dharmendra mishra - call centre employee ya Bhagwaan !!! bhai bana behroopia. Aur kya saari bataun ?

Yes, watched some films too. Most notably forrest gump. Liked this one a lot. Had been thinking of watching it for some time but never had the availability, time and mood together at one time. Didn't understand a few things though. And to let you a little insight. The makers i.e. paramount didn't pay the original's writer - winston groom - any royalties explaining this film was a failure commercially. And it won 6 oscars. All this just to tell I also surf wikipedia.

And am just thinking about mba preparations sometime in near future. Although there are people who advice me - pehle kuch kiya karo phir sabko bola karo, aise bhompu mat bajaya karo. Badboley kahinkey. - but I still don't get it. I still can't make myself come to terms with the suggestion that saying it prior to starting it will make any difference. Adamant. Stubborn. Obstinate. Dekha maine do teen synonyms seekh bhi liye. Woo hoo !!!

This song's playing on itunes :

''apna gham leke kahin aur naa jaaya jaaye

ghar mein bikhri hui cheezo ko sajaya jaye

ghar se masjid hai bahot door, chal yun kar le

kisi rotey hue bachche ko hasaya jaaye''

I like it.

Chaloon phir.

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