Saturday, April 7, 2007

bas kuch idhar udhar ki baatein

A lot has been happening around me. And suddenly I am working more and more. I didn't expect any immediate changes in my lazy work habits, and am pleasantly surprised myself. I know I have been sharing a lot of observations these days, this is something I usually refrain from because it gives away a very wannabe-gyani image, which I don't desire. So this last observation from me. The more I started working, the more I found was there to do, the more I started learning about new things, the more things I found that are needed to be learned about, and the more all of this kept happening, the more I found I had a time shortage, and the more I sensed this, the more I pushed myself to work more, learn more, try harder. So there was a time, not long ago when I wasn't working or learning, had all the time to do these things, but still wasn't doing anything. I was free, but not happy. And now, I am working hard, more than I usually do, trying to manage every minute of time I have into something more useful. I am not as free, a lot more occupied, but still happier. I spent my entire teenage fighting with habits, analysing them, trying to incorporate some, trying to get rid of some. Looking back, I think this past fortnight or so has been right up there, alongside the most formative times of my life, the time-periods I think I gained a lot. A lot of insight, a lot of work habits, a lot of knowledge.

So much so, my mummy actually asked me to take it easy two days back, and I think such a thing has happened with me after four to five years , so I just spent the day roaming around, and on the internet where I also created my webpage, and watching television. And I am liking it too. Apart from the Chappel-Tendulkar drama. BCCI can beat Balaji Telefilms anyday with their kahani-mein-twist antics. Just that they have been kind enough to Ekta Kapoor. Or may be they dread her. God knows. Together with Tushar kapoor, I think they are the most dreaded bhai-behen pair in the world. A pair that, when at its artistic best, can put the most vigilant of owls to sleep at nine pm sharp. Only if owls had T.V sets. Poor human beings.

Meanwhile I've grown really fond of the kind of work ethics google and apple practice and preach at their workplaces.

And it took me two years to realise it completely, to realise it confidently enough to belt it out in writing - I just hate my college. I just don't feel like I belong there. Everything about it is so superficial. There is more originality in Uday Chopra's acting, more of it even in Anu Malik's tunes. They just stacked up big concrete structures here and there, while nothing absolutely goes on inside them. Things are going on just for the heck of it. Teachers feel they are being ultra generous if they take a class of two hours for two hours, students think they've been ultra generous to the teacher if they actually sit through it. And leading both students and teachers, are the staff-workers who are impartial in their lashing-outs against students and teachers alike. With the kind of slowly-slowly state of affairs with which things progress here, I seriously think I could wrap the remaining two years of the course in six months and move on and be happy, but they wouldn't let that happen. Just two more years, I keep telling myself.

I've been hitting dcetech lately. For those of you who are not aware of it, and that’s the way it should be for all of you I guess, it is a web forum where the future engineers of my college just quarrel over any topic under the sun, and most of the times it can be associated to their future and their plans and their goals. Although anything constructive hardly, if ever, comes out of those 'uski kameez meri kameez se zyada safed kaise' discussions, the gist I get is somehow, everyone's quite concerned about their respective lives-to-come. So that in a sense was an eye opener for me, because it hinted me to sometimes think of future too rather than dreaming and analysing the past all the time of the present. So, for a change I did some future planning as well. I thought what I would name my kids. Not that I zeroed in on any names particularly, all I could decide was I wouldn't name them Tushar if it’s a boy or Ekta if it’s a girl. And some short term future planning about what to eat for dinner, and which movie to watch this weekend also ensued. Here i zeroed in on 'dum-aloo' and 'zaalim bhootni' in keeping with my polished and cultivated eating and film-watching habits.

I've never been to kumbh mela snaan or suryagrahan snaan at kaashi, but there are two snaans I know are splendid. One is when you make the switch from cold to hot water at the onset of winters and the other, when you switch from hot to cold water on some day of early summers. I made the switch a week back and I was happy like a pig on a honeymoon to outer delhi's central sewer. Perhaps even more. Grrrrrrrr..

Thats it for now.

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