Friday, April 27, 2007

jeetendra aur yash chopra.... aur unke bete

Reasoning is a difficult thing to do. Because some things are beyond reason. Like why tushar and uday chose to do what they are doing. And they are doing it so miraculously well, you already know which tushar and uday I am talking about, and what they do, and well, the nation knows them. They do not know the last time they massaged the inner walls of their aching nostrils, but they know tushar and uday. Such is this medium. And it is this medium that has caught my otherwise fragile attention ever since I was a little boy who would swing his neck in pride saying as meaningless a thing as " jo kehta hai wohi hota hai " whenever some smarter and wittier class fellow would taunt me with some copybook one-liner like " zindagi jhand hai, phir bhi ghamand hai!". Ofcourse this fellow would impress the giggling girls and nose-mending boys in the process, but its films I am talking about now, if you still haven't figured it out.

I had always been this really film buff sort of a kid, resolutely insisting Dad to get a cable connection at home. This was in 1992 I guess. And there was nothing even on cable TV other than Zee and Prime-Sports, that showed some things that I didn’t understand at that time. So, I would stick to the 2-films a day routine, watching the films our local cablewallah would roll for us. That’s a time I really cherish, not all actors of the time were exactly stupendous, but I think it was the childish sanguinity that I could stand the funky chunkey pandey two times a day and still say : dhaaasu. I don’t think there were many entertainment fronts those days, no internet, no computers, no dvds , no ipods nothing, and just the two second rate 1980s bollywood stuff gave me the sort of completeness you would expect to find in Shakti kapoor when a beautiful and ambitious young lass knocks his door hoping for a shot at the next yash chopra epic drama. Hopes! They are uffff.

This extremely-psychotic-craze-for-2nd-rate-hindi-films was on an alarming rise until I saw those two milestones of hindi cinema - 'neil and nikki' and the fantabulous 'jeena sirf mere liye' and so you know the root of my irritating bitterness.

God ! Get me out of it.

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