Monday, June 4, 2007


Hmmm, the net was taken out the other day, and today it is back, again for reasons beyond the scope of this blog. It feels a little shameless writing this but has to be written anyway. So all the pains I took and some of the things I wrote in the previous post, as it happens usually, turn out to be meaningless, inconsequential, unadulterated bullshit.

Apart from that, spending a lot of time outside the confines of your home, in this deadly heat can be real bad for your physical health and your mood. And dermicool will always be in business. In all summers I mean, it works.

And I have been feeling a little bored of late, in case someone has the time and intent , you can please tell me about the good shows on TV because I didn’t seem to find any whenever I’ve tried it in recent days. And I already watch laughter challenge. Anything better than that will do. No challenging yardsticks, you see.

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