Sunday, June 3, 2007

useless updates

Hell, i am writing this from a cyber cafe and slowly realising the pains associated with blogging in a cyber cafe. with such a meagre space to move my hands and my elbow constantly pressing against my stomach as i type this, this is already a physical discomfort sufficient to keep my mind away from delving into the other discomforts i thought about grumbling today. this cyber cafe just won't allow you to. just as you strain your senses a little bit to bring out your lachrymose self, the next guy shoots up the volume of his 'pak chik pak raja babu' on his winamp or real player whatever, and you are suddenly reminded of the days when heroes could have oscillating tummies, and heroines found every little irritating prank of this tummy taqatwar cho cuute. and hopes replace angst, even though for a short time.

and the reason i am here is because i no longer have the net at home. for whatever reasons that are beyond the scope of this blog, as they said after all difficult axioms in class X mathematics refresher by RD Sharma. and i havent had the energy to turn up here in this suffocating little cafe regularly, so the posting thing is almost nil from now on. so it'll be in your time saving benefit to not check this space for updates. i hope to keep it alive with post a month routine, lets see.

as for now, i am slowly turning serious for cat. its still seventeen months so i can afford to turn serious 'slowly'. infact all i am doing at this stage is mentally preparing myself that yes! it is cat that i should do next. i think i'll start actual preparations by november or december. and i'll be going to some ngo in jungpura delhi, an environmental one, i hope to learn driving in the next 15 days, and mummy keeps pinning me to join a gym, so i think i shall oblige her too, and its getting hotter by the day here in delhi, unbearably hot. and now all my core group of friends have managed girlfriends, other than me. the last one to have hit the jackpot is adi, and he was as happy as mayawati yesterday. and i was as happy for him as mulayam is for mayawati. that means, hardly. selfisshh.

pardon me for the spelling mistakes, i usually type in msword at home and it tells me about the mistakes and corrections, the msword here is in a state of paralysis and hence the spelling blunders that must have been.

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