Sunday, February 17, 2008

aise hi

We had the first mock test today and it was quite a wake up call for me. The results though aren't out; I don't think I have reason to be satisfied. Even if it turns out to be a good performance relative to others after the results get declared, I'd still be disappointed since I know I could have done much much better than this. In contrast, I'd have been much happier even with a lower percentile but only if I could say to myself that I gave my best. On second thoughts, no I am happier only this way. Lest God will choose the other way for me – work more, score less wala. Like the last time (last post) I caught fever. This way it’s fine. Just make me, Oh god, a little more hardworking. Please Please.

And I've become quite an addict of facebook apps. Ever since I joined it the other day, I have played endless number of quizzes and games on it both of the non and cognitive variety. It is quite an addiction, whhooop – I just keep seeing one game or quiz after another, tempted to try all of them, wasting a lot of time in the process, and consoling myself with the affirmation that I’d have wasted that time anyway. But time is limited, and .. oops .. it’s limited, so bye. I’ll play a few more quizzes and shut down.

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