Friday, February 8, 2008

शिक़ायत पेटी

Really need to get things into order now. It's like being a laaton ka bhoot. I've been some months into this coaching thing now but truth be told, haven't even begun with solving the study material they gave me. It's a really guilt-inducing thing, being wrong while being aware of being wrong. I've made some really ambitious plans now, and just hope that I stick to them for some time until the rhythm sets in, because I feel it is always easy to follow through once you get your rhythm or flow.

One more thing that is and has been troubling me to some extent over the past few weeks is this stubborn acne problem that I caught about four or five months back. And its just not going away. I know it feels kind of odd to admit a thing as trivial as acne is troubling you, as though you've got no better things to think about, but it really is. Honestly, I don't think any personal discomfort of an individual level has bugged me as much as it has. Fevers and all, they make you a little gloomy, but this thing makes you particularly irritable and generally unenthusiastic. Add to that, that you do not feel like going out or meeting people all that much, and it takes considerably larger dimensions than just dots on the skin.

Apart from that, life is pretty smooth. We're having the usual fun in the hostel, that does start getting monotonous once in a while, but then you can't complain about every goddamn thing in the world.

Added later : As it turns out, within hours of writing down this piece, fever grips me. These days God just needs the slightest clue. ''Hell yeah, fever's better eh ? Take it.''


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