Sunday, March 30, 2008

Title kal tak batata hoon soch ke

I was reading some old posts on my own blog today. Although it only reaffirmed by unfailing trust in that I had always been writing non-sense, yet I could make out that I have started taking myself way too seriously over the last year. And there wasn't a need for it. I mean, why ? I still get the same pocket money, I am still in the same college, still without a suppli, still single and .. Also, in one previous post I read I had written none of my friends were single any longer. I thought I must have been quite dejected then but I should cheer up as even that's not the scene now, since I made new friends who were single, and made Mayawati like faces at those who were no longer and they ran away frightened. Back to the topic, I could see this change to a more stern disposition in everything. The way I take care of punctuation marks bein at the rite places ,that I particlarly make it a point to uses grammar of highest standard, and not under any circumstances should I make use of slang or lingo in my posts lolz, and spellings - my God as if thay are the most important thing on arth ! No but, why ?? Why should everything be that orderly. Ok it's a good thing to keep it right, but to be obsessed with it, that’s just too much. As if I make a mistake and my folks will pack me off to work in Sivakasi. Jaa tu vahin reh, patake phod. Ok forget the semantics of language, I started questioning myself way too much. The way these recent posts have been, I wrote moronic loser-ish things like 'Why can't I perform better?', 'Why can't I set things right?'. Eeek. In contrast, earlier I'd have written, 'I can't perform any better', or 'I can't set a cow straight' . Seriously, what was the need of that why. Without it, see, it means the same thing and still exudes so much more confidence. Similarly, 'why can't I look better' is hundred times more foolish than 'I look horribly-terribly-loathsomely ugly, and you would wanna spit on me if you didn’t take your lessons in decency from Simi Grewal.' Be clear, yaar, and unambiguous, I told myself on reading all that.

Anyhow, forget it. If morning's bhoola comes back to home in the evening, then we don't call him bhoola. (<- bhi="" bill="" call="" chahe="" clinton="" do="" hai="" him="" kisi="" lena="" mera="" original="" p="" pooch="" se="" we="" ye="">

Yesterday, in my coaching centre our maths sir said in the class, ''If you are studying regularly, you might just or might not get through. If you aren't, you certainly wont.'' I don't know why I have this strange hunch as though he said that specifically for me, while the others also happened to be sitting in the class at the time. But then I know, he addressed the entire class, but still I feel as if he was talking to me. Paranoia. Just like Chor ki daadhi mein tinka. (<- -="" a="" ab="" about="" all="" also="" and="" anyways="" araam="" as="" auto="" back="" banda="" bas="" before="" bete="" better="" bhi="" bit.="" blog="" boooooring="" calm="" case.="" chahta="" chalo="" coming="" confidence="" cursed="" dad="" de="" dedicated.="" didn="" don="" down="" eight="" eyes="" five="" for="" from="" grudgingly="" had="" hai="" hain.="" have="" he="" heard="" him="" ho.="" hundred="" i="" imaandar="" immediately="" in="" it.="" it="" itna="" jab="" just="" kar="" karte="" know="" ko="" koi="" lacking="" le.="" leave="" lekin="" life="" like="" maana="" manmohan="" me="" memorised="" memorizing="" moist="" much="" must="" my="" myself.="" na="" newspaper.="" newspaper="" now="" of="" one="" original="" p="" padhna="" paper="" picked="" picture="" presented="" problems="" quite="" read="" readers="" really="" rehne="" replayed="" rickshaw="" s="" saying="" scared="" scene="" see="" sentence="" seriously="" sight="" since="" singh="" sized="" so="" soon="" specially="" started="" still="" surprised="" t="" tang="" taxi="" tell="" than="" that="" the="" then.="" then="" they="" this="" thoda="" thodi="" though.="" times="" to="" today="" twenty="" up="" ve="" waiting="" was="" which="" with="" woke="" words="" wrote.="" you="">

Gotta Go now. The tooths are needing the brushing of their selfs.

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