Thursday, June 2, 2011

Traffic Signal

Ennui-burned eyes peering out of a car.

Plimsoll, A child. His father, Hawaii chappals.
Sunburned feet.
Walking. Playing. Smiling.
Father doubling up as teacher.

Pavement. Scattered grains. Sparrows.
Drops of water down a random pipe. One pigeon.

The skirling screams of kids killing their days away
for alms.


Air conditioner.

The music from inside the expensive car
speakers - so advanced they produce notes to a clarity
the human ear can't even appreciate.

The sudorific sight of a cartpuller. A saliferous shirt.
Droplets on a dark nose. Oops.

Oops, fingers to the remote control. Now! Lower
the temperature.

Fold Economic Times. Peer out once more.
Indulge. Worry.

Recline better to worry better.

Relax. It's never too hot to wear your
pellicles of sophistication.

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