Friday, July 29, 2011

Yaadon ki Baaraat

I'm blogging today mainly because I'm not getting any sleep. Oh, dear, that's what we've come down to.

I distinctly remember starting this blog with great gusto after having read an NSIT student's blog. I wrote a couple of sub-mediocre posts and naturally the gusto soon died out. That was in 2005. I was 6 years, or, oh just say it, 24% younger. (At least it's better than thinking that I am 31.5% older now*).

When I started writing again in 2006, this time too with great enthusiasm, I thought to myself that I was doing much better than last year's disasters. I remember writing the first post after a gap of one year, called 'Delhi Metro's Matchless Passengers'. I was incredibly happy with how it had turned out, and in a moment imagined such great humorists as Jerome K. and Groucho Marx chuckling in their graves. Too pleased with myself, I followed that up with several posts all similarly trying to be, and often being, funny. That's a sharp contrast from now I suppose, when most of my sparse output lingers on the border separating boredom from stupor. Another contrast, come to think of it, is that in those days people used to read this blog.

I can't distinctly remember the blog's journey from there. What remain with me are mere outlines - a post here, a rant there. Somehow people liked it, seemed to. It was somewhere in 2007 that I started writing verse. My initial response to my verse would put to shame my high opinion of my earlier humorous writeups. So happy was I with some of my poems that I was sad that the people at large (at this point let me insert that the average of IQ of human beings is by definition 100, and that this is not my invention) won't really get them. "It went over my head!" I imagined my post's comments to be, but they were all largely to the tune of "Nice poem. Keep it up. N plz visit mah blog at". With some effort I managed to make myself believe these people actually read the poems, and that they actually found them nice. Let me admit that I would sometimes go so far as to entertain thoughts such as: "Actually they found them awesome, but they fear sounding effusive." Yes, yes, I know I should have rechristened the blog 'The Delusioned Observer' then.

2008, 09 and 10 came and went just too quick. They were gone before I could make sense of them, like a Ferrari coming from far behind and overtaking an Alto, and before the Alto driver knows, the Ferrari is not even in sight. Incidentally, I these three years I actually drove an Alto.

Anyway. Sleep's finally relented and come. Some other time.

*For the mathematically challenged, I was 19 in 2005.