Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Carbs vs Fats

In a comparison of macronutrients, the often misunderstood fats are way better than carbohydrates. Fats, especially the unsaturated ones, provide several essential functions such as protecting our inner organs, maintaining good cholesterol levels and reducing bad cholesterol. Outside of them, Omega 3 fats found in foods such as Tuna, Walnuts and Beans are one of the healthiest things you can consume for your brain function - improving memory, fighting depression, bipolar disorder and ADHD. In addition, it is good for your cardiovascular system and bone joints. Even some saturated fats, such as those found in Desi Ghee, help break down other hard to digest food and reduce the negative effects of other fried and spicy food you eat, making them easily digestible. The one category of fat that is unequivocally unhealthy is trans fats, which would be all fatty food items with a good shelf life - biscuits, chips, pies, donuts, cake etc. In comparison, there are no “essential” carbohydrates, that is, there are no essential body functions that require carbohydrates. So the only function carbs serve is to provide energy, which is provided in just as much quantity by more functional nutrients like fats and proteins.

Indian diet is very heavy on carbs, which provide energy but aid no body function, except that a basic amount is needed to aid digestion. You would be surprised that that basic amount is so little as 3 slices of bread a day for a full grown adult, and that is if that were all the carbs he were consuming. Of course, an average adult will also be consuming carbs in decent quantities from vegetables, beans and fruits.

Disclaimer: This is a log for my personal use and does not constitute medical advice from me. I am not qualified to give medical advice to others and you should consult your doctor before making any nutritional or medicinal changes. 

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