Friday, February 6, 2015

Blogging platforms and moonlight

I'm contemplating moving the blog to wordpress. Since a big chunk of what I post nowadays tends to be code with all these greater than and less than signs, it totally throws the html on the blogger off. It is amazing to me that blogger won't add this small little feature that let's you insert code seamlessly with something like a code tag that wordpress provides. It is 2015 and it is very surprising to see that blogger would let so many users slip away but not pluck the low hanging fruit of adding code tags. I personally do not want to move the blog, but that is out of two entirely irrational reasons: one, that I'm lazy and do not have the time or enthusiasm to set up a blog from scratch, and two, that I've been on here for ten years now and it feels like home and so I don't want to leave.

I've been meaning to add tutorials for some great R libraries like dplyr, ggplot2, and shiny, and also some Python tutorials but before that I have fulfill the promise I made to myself of adding tutorials for the relatively uninspiring parts of R that form its basics. And, at any rate, to get started with any of that - it seems like moving to wordpress is the way. A couple of days ago, I tried to embed code snippets in earlier R posts but the results were clumsy and off-putting.

In any case, an interesting thing I learned today (let's assume I won't be adding anything else tonight): the earth's moon was once an asteroid that struck the earth and the hot molten ball that rebounded extremely slowly became the moon a couple hundred million years later. All that romantic poetry with moon as the evergreen metaphor seems a little incongruent now, doesn't it?

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