Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Sometimes, I come home, put something on the TV (it doesn't even matter what) and then go straight to the kitchen, rummage the fridge and the cupboards for anything edible, and manage to eke out a diverse collection of distinct eatables with little compatibility with each other, and go back to the sofa in front of the TV. Then just as I am sitting down, I stand back up, and bring a can of Pepsi, and come back.

And then I eat. And I eat, and eat.

Today was one of those days.

Yeah, and then I feel guilty. Sometimes, I feel so guilty I decide to put it on the blog to shame myself as punishment. Oh, yeah, no kidding.


  1. Even I have been guilty of shying away from binging..... last two months it was I would resume in Dubai... till then would get drunk and party in Delhi..... here, it is now about let me settle down..... will then do it.

    We never settle down, do we??

  2. Yo dude, public shaming of self FTW \m/

    Hire someone or live with or marry a girl or boy, who will throw out all your junk food. And, if you are munching on chia seeds and cucumber all the day long, it shouldn't matter how much you are hogging. You'll be too bored to hog with such delightful options anyway.

    This reminds me, sitcom season is back and I should start bringing salty snacks from Google. Finally, some goals for workplace! *YoLo*

  3. I guess everyone has their own days..some days are disciplined and some on the contrary, rush in a frenzy. This is all about life. Things can't stay the same everyday!