Sunday, June 26, 2005

yeah i m goin to dce

The results r out.

aieee - qualified mid rank
iit - qualified - bad rank
dce - qualified - chemical engg -> prod&ind engg
vit - qualified - computers - but not interested in vit
pec - qualified - mechanical engg

yeah most probably i will be goin to dce. though the results put up a serious question mark on my abilities and dedication, iwould like to believe otherwise. first lemme tell u abt myself a little bit. i hav been gettin sort of top ranks all throughout my school days. when i was 15+ yrs of age in class 10 , i studied abt 12 hrs a day on an average. 4-5 in 11th, 3-4 in 12th, 2-3 hrs in my drop yr. that makes me believe that i have it in me to clock 12 hrs a day to study, since i hav already done that previously. but in the next 3 yrs to my 10th standard did i not try to do that again. of course i did. but couldn't. so has the grit died down? i dunno. no, i suppose. i really dunno. but still things aren't flowing the way i would want them to. is it just a point of low in time for me? ok but should it have lasted for the 3 most crucial years of my life. or is 3 the right figure , mebbe it'll last for some more time. mebbe. mebbe not.

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