Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Diwali wishes to those who read this blog

Happy Diwali everyone.

No, really. This is not a post. This is just to wish you guys.

Hope you have a lovely Diwali, and hope you eat lots of peanuts in the winter sun in the coming days. Of course, this only goes for those of you who are in India.

If you're in the US, on the other hand, although I don't think you are, I hope you find a parking spot under some shade so you don't have to shovel everyday to uncover your car from under the snow.

If you're neither in India, nor in the US, who are you and why do you care about Diwali? Let me know. For you, I don't know what to wish, except recount the famous words of the great modern day philosopher and sage Salman Khan: "do whatever you want to do man".


  1. Happy Diwali! I'm a dedicated follower of your blog though the Diwali wishes came in a bit late. The biggest Diwali present I've received this year is inspiration to write again! I've started a blog but it's in its infancy state. I hope I keep it alive this time around!

  2. Nice that you're excited about writing again - let me know where you blog so I can stop by sometime!