Friday, July 21, 2006

"keeping in touch"

Just recently I joined Orkut where a classmate of school days asked me with whom am i still 'in touch'... the question sort of agitated a sleeping portion of my mind and I began thinking of a sometime-best-friend, with whom I became friends playing cricket for hours , who went to varanasi 2 years back for studies.

So, do I keep in touch with him..... read this ( you can all it poem..I'll be happy)

a phone call a year,
in which ur friend, u do not hear,
but you hear his mother,
or mebbe his father or brother,
but not actually ur friend,
and it's almost become a trend.
his mother says,' hello, my child u dare not spoil'
and i'm like :'aunty! to hear this did i toil,
into this, me, u do not drag,
i did not call my friend to brag,
but listen now, its him who spoiled me first'
hearing this, into anger then she burst!!!
but why am i writing this bakwaas,
i haven't even seen much of bahu-saas,
now i seriously think I've gone nuts,
calm calm, here my mouth shuts !

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