Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Vacations Electrified

Feels good to return to blogger after a break of three months. When I sat down to write today, thoughts about 'why the break when I wasn't really all that busy' clouded my grey cells. I realise now that I often presume myself to be a lot busier than I would actually be. Analysis in hindsight is always easier and more accurate, nahi? But of little use because we are not funtoosh ( watched that movie? Heartfelt sympathies.) and hence cant do time travelling to mend past mistakes. Well, I had exams in november which was perhaps a tough time since I hardly got to sleep for those ten fifteen days.

Its about a month about since vacations began, and I am so bored and vella these days that I spent two full days practicing the art of watching india TV continuously for as long as possible. The first day I managed the longest streak of 18 minutes immidiately after which I ran towards the balcony for some fresh air, did some deep breathing and tried to recollect the happiest moments moments of my life in order to lift my spirits. Finally emptying a bucket full of cold water over my head in this cold delhi weather helped matters. The second day things were hmmm, they debated and expressed their concerns about the ills and highly negative consequences of the increasing popularity and accessibility of vulgar mms among today's young boys and girls. And you know what contribution these guys made to control the epidemic, they continuously flashed them on the television screen for 45 minutes, didn't even bother to show the anchor's and debating panel' s faces which became visible only at the end of the programme . No prizes for guessing the panel - the illustrious rajat ji (nobody dare calls him just rajat) kapoor and 3 of his chelas. No prizes either for guessing my longest streak. 45 minutes 10 seconds. High on confidence, when I tried an even longer streak, I got my penalty. This time it needed 3 tablets of disprin, 1 combiflam tablet and navratna tel hair massage to help matters. Overconfidence kills. Take it from me.

Finally I was sent for a stay at a relative's place in ambala, haryana. Maybe my parents thought a change of hava-paani was necessary to contain my dubious ways. Though, it wasn't anything like a blast but my people watching habits helped. Atleast things were much better than the india tv routine. Its always an interesting scene when we get to know different kind of people. I went to a billiards n pool club daily for as long as I was there just to see and understand different kinda people, though I think the game (pool) in itself is an inch more boring than rajat ji kapoor. I met all sorts of guys out there, but the most prominently occuring variety there were the guys who were extremely proud about how spoilt they were. Infact, it seemed the debate among the boys was mostly to prove to the other fellow, whatever wrongs he might have done, he wouldn't ever match his scale of offences. To get a closer feel - ''abe [[beep]] tuney dekha ke hai [[beep]]''; ''yo kaam to [[beep]] hamne kar kar ke chhod diye [[beep]]'' etc etc… it was good fun.

Now I am back home, the boredom is somewhat under control. Every two odd days some school friend calls and after five minutes of conversation soaked with nostalgia and meeting up plans, he comes to the point - koi bandi vandi patayi kya ? And now I am tired of shouting, '' aaya mummy ; yaar baad mein call karta hoon mummy bula rahi hain ''.

Jagjit's '' aap agar in dino yahan '' is playin on winamp. Kuch khaas nahi hai.

And I am trying Aastha channel this time.

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