Wednesday, January 17, 2007

miya mithhu ki chatkaar !

So I am back at college. And henceforth will be more vella than I was during vacations. Here we are free to do whatever we like, whenever. Teachers do not stop us from missing classes, and if students don't miss classes for some considerable time, the teachers infact start missing them to make up for the balance. Yeah, the balance between work and play. Things weren't so much 'as you wish' at home. The moment tendulkar or sehwag would turn up for batting mummy used to send me for either buying milk or for checking if the watertank at the terrace is overflowing or filling up the water bottles or pasting shoe-polish on my head.. Ufff. I still don't know why mummy thinks I'll get spoilt if I watched them bat. And like loyal wellwishers of mom, they used to be back in pavilion, however fast I tried to back to the T.V. Well now I do realise mom wasn't worried about me getting spoilt but my batting technique. Ok enough bragging. As it is someone has called me miya mithhu today.

Here at college, after being away for more than a month, everyone seems fatter..maybe because of the multiple layers of clothing. I have joined a week later than all my fellow mates. And I was overjoyed when they greeted me with warmth, with energy, ekdum ''khuley dil'' se, as if all of them were back straight from an open heart surgery. In the morning itself, I saw a new girl at mechanical department, a mid term transfer from NSIT. The oh so revealing dress she was wearing wasn't quite in sync with the weather neither with people's intentions. For, once I thought about telling her, but presuming her apparent 'nobody tells me a.k.a to hell with what you think' mahesh bhatt type of arrogance, I decided to stay back. Of course the sight wouldn't have caused me dengue, it was only spreading happiness everywhere.

Meanwhile, I listened to radio after a long long time yesterday. Some loveguru was throwing love-gyan everywhere. At first it fired a spring of optimism in me. So I stuck to that station for sometime, some three four people had called in between some melodious songs, and that crook asked all of them to back out of their respective affairs. Yeh kya rishtey karaega ! - one of my friends remarked. I couldn't agree more. Changed station. Some Dr.Love was on air. I was left too hopeless to try him out. I knew he wouldn't be worse than loveguru so I could even try him out to give him an equal chance.. Par samaajseva karne ka mood nahi tha.

In between all the hi hello, the mess food has again arranged depression attacks for me. The amount of raw flour left on each of the rotis is enough to prepare naans for a baraat of thousand people. And the daal has enough water to dryclean a dinosaur but insufficient 'daal' grains to feed a sparrow.

That’s it for now, someone frustated waiting for a computer to empty is staring me like she will cut my fingers, fry it with my blood and donate this pakwaan as parshaad to her friends. Though I know, she won't be doing any modulus of elasticity blah blah project but sit down to orkut orkut chitkut. But still main yahan se kat leta hoon before she eats me up. Dracula ki bhaanji. You take care while I buy myself a mitthu.


p.s. somebody suggest an apt title.. digest this one until then.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Jaane bhi do yaaron

I switched on the computer to delete my last post but since it has already been noticed, I let it be. It was an impulsive post. Infact I had never written one post after another in such a short time ever before. And its funny that I am writing so quickly when I actually mentioned about not doing it at all. Just to clear the air, I regret I wrote that previous post. Those were all harmless and real feelings, but I doubt if they ought to put on the blog.

I have been absent from the college since the last three days. Infact, I have hardly been there except for the token visit on eighth. Some indispensable engagements have kept me at home and its very likely I wont be able to make it to the college for the next three days as well. And now when I know its not possible, I feel like getting back as soon as anything. Never satisfied of whats on hand. If that is where I am going, I would like to correct myself at the earliest.

The metro ride on the eighth January was one after about two months for me. And I liked it to the hilt. At the kashmere gate station, while I was changing the metro, a girl, who was already in that train was confused about where she was to get down. While she intended to go to shastri nagar, and was travelling on the absolutely fine route, a rocking cool dude told her to get down at kashmere gate itself since he thought she was to get down at shastri park station which had already been left behind and not shastri nagar. Why he thought so is anybody's guess. My guess is this dude was more confused than the girl actually. Then he could have shut up. Maybe, he was very eager to help people out. Maybe he was just watched an ashaaram ji bapu ka satsang, or maybe Osho's. I don't know. But when I saw things going wrong, I asked her to stay inside as its shastri park that has been left behind and her destination was infact for five stations away.

This dude in appearance, was a 23-24 year old, was just a shade darker than kofi annan, an inch shorter to rajpal yadav, smiled like prem chopra, had a 36 inch waist, and wore a 38 inch waistsized cargo. In mentality, he was somewhere between the on screen gulshan grover and the off screen shakti kapoor, aaooooo. Suddenly that cool dude, for no apparent reason, turned hot. His facial expression seemed to suggest I have pasted a chewing gum, already chewed, on his hair. But trust me, I did nothing close to this.

He came towards me and asked - kya keh raha hai madam se.
Me- kaun madam.
Him - pointing to that girl - unse kya keh raa hai.
I was totally clueless about what wrong have I done, so I told him - bhaiya unko shastri nagar jaana hai nagar. Vo to abhi ayega naa.
He turned so fast as if he was never talking to me, went to the girl, and said - madam baitho baitho yahan baitho aapko aage jaana hai. He was so assertive she actually sat next to him.

And then he started never to stop.

He-'I am so sorry madam, kuch confusion thi'
She-'haan pata chal gaya'
He-'main nagar ko park samjha'
He-'shastri nagar to hamara roz ka aana jaana hai'
He-'vaha kahan jaoge aap'
She-'vaha se to kuch lekar aage gurgaon jaana hai'
He-'achha achha vahn se gurgaon bhi jaana hai, okhei (i.e. OK)'
She is quiet. And looking nervous.
He-'Life is tough naa, he he he he'
She is quiet. Found nothing to laugh about.
He- vahaa aapke relative hain?
Me- (thinking - ise kya lena hai )
She-I am going for my job. Its my first day'.
He- ji ji ji ji o ho I see. Arre badi galti ho jaati aap utar jaate toh he he he he he he he' .. He is looking as happy as I have never been. The only time I came close to being that happy was when I cleared iitjee, or when we bought our first car. He looked as if he has struck a billion dollar jackpot.
He tried to keep the conversation running and she tried to keep it short. She failed. He was unstoppable. Kawasaki bajaj calibre was put to shame.
'Kaun si company'
'Kitna pay package'
'Kitne workhours'
'Jack/ sifarish ya khud se'
'Blah blah blah'

When she got down, he was seemingly upset. He must have kicked the ground once out of the metro. Must have told himself -

Karat karat abhyas ke jadmati hot sujan
Rasri aavat jaat te sil par padat nishan

Meanwhile, a concerned father of a beautiful lass was constantly revolving his eyeballs all over the metro train, and even outside the windows, to check if anyone's gazing at his daughter. With his big black moustache, I don't think anyone did. Though they did gaze at his moustache every few seconds.

These were plain ,'as o saw it', sort of metro musings. From what I collected on Monday. I think I have written a lot abut metro now, although I have no special fascination for the metro. Jab pizza hut jaane lagunga, vahaa ka likhne mein aur mazaa ayega.


logging it off

This will be my last post as a blogger. I may start writing posts again sometime in my life. I don't intend to, but never say never.

Life in blogosphere was good. It made me introspect, it made me analyse things, it made me crack jokes, it made me remember my past. I do all these things outside of blogosphere as well. I read other people's ideas about certain issues which were not in conformation with my notions. But I learnt to accept those ideas as they were. It made me receptive. This was very difficult outside of blogosphere. I feel thankful for this. :)

I made some friends here. With all respect to blogger buddies, to call them friends, in the true sense of the word, would be a misnomer, if not exaggeration. That’s simply because I never met any of them. I never knew anything about what they look like. I couldn't recognise if I crossed them at some metro station. But this was also the reason that I'd value these buddies. Because I didn't make friend with boys or girls, I didn't make friends with usernames, ofcourse , the best part is I made friends with feelings, with thought processes, with ideologies, with reactions. I value it because when I make friends with people, it is sometimes at the cost of these things - ideologies, reactions etc. Here, there wasn't any compromise. :)

There are times when we feel sad, when we find others bad, when we feel low, feel unworthy, feel frustrated, when we do not feel like communicating, when a feeling of insignificance grips us, when we feel like going into a shell. :(

Well, I don't have any such problems. Not at this point of time at least. :)

I won't blog, in most probability, because the broadband at home is being disconnected, it ( internet ) was considered to be a time-eater of sorts by the authorities ( parents ), and I didn't show any resistance, as, somewhere in my conscience, I failed to disagree. I never had the patience to check the computer centre at college for surfing. I will never have. I do not have money to shell out in the internet cafe. Here I won't say, 'i will never have' though. :)

For that matter, I wouldn't be orkutting either, but this post is just about no longer blogging. To write a post about no longer orkutting would be giving too much respect to the epidemic. :)

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Vacations electrified - II/returns/reloaded

Its here. Vacations finally ending now. Tomorrow I will pack my bags back to DCE. It is really funny that I was pretty messed up and bored almost all these 35 days and still there is a tinge of sadness is my thoughts when I know that holidays are over. This feeling - ok. Just five more days. Five days is no big deal. - this is what I've been feeling all this day. All those things that were like a burden, seem 'not that bad, after all' , rather they seem pretty interesting now. I thoroughly liked my yoga session in the morning, which I joined just 20 days back and will discontinue hereafter. All these 20 days, infact I went there just 11-12 days out of twenty, I tried to find all sorts of reasons to somehow avert the days' session, but I pretty much liked it today. I felt I could lose 10 kgs, I felt I could give salman khan a complex, if I had a week more to exercise.

I am twenty and still don't know driving a car. I was never infact very enthusiastic about it especially after the tough time I had learning to ride a bike. And mummy always used to say.. See Sudhanshu can drive at 18, Archit can drive- he's just 16, Rahul can drive even though they don't have a car. Why can't you . This. That. This. That. Previously, I used to argue - this is what they have been doing all the time, flying all around delhi's hap places while I was burning midnight oil trying to learn reduction, oxidation, disproportionation, clemmanson, amplitudes, photons blah blah blah. Now I thought there was no point hiding my weaknesses behind words that were as unknown to mummy as acting to tushar kapoor. And I pledged at the beginning of the vacations that I'll learn it, rather I'll become an expert at it. I tried driving, quite reluctantly, about 3 times during the vacations, didn't make much progress, I guess I am far too overcautious about not making any road accident. Vacations over. Forget the expertise. I can't even take the U turn properly.

I am not quite excited about going to college, I have quite a few good friends there who I like to visit every now and then, even during vacations. But there are as many, infact more, guys who are plain fake. Guys, who surprisingly, act as if you know them since your previous incarnation, but won't think twice to change factions if that puts them in a more advantageous position. If one detaches himself from involvement and notices the daily drama from a neutral/ higher/indifferent perspective, it'll occur instantaneously that most are playing just one game, the one to show others down. Opportunism. Pretence. Alright, things are not as bad as in Big Boss - har daily soap ka baap. Those guys are apparently wanting to eat out each other's pancreas. Maybe its like this at most places, even in other colleges, even in offices, everywhere, maybe. But certainly not at home. Since I have to live there, I am a hosteller, its not a pleasant proposition shifting residences from home to college. There is thrill alright. We don’t have nightouts at home. we don’t talk and crack jokes till the wee hours of the morning at home. All this happens only there. There is buzz. There is kick. But there is travesty. I think I'd be better off having tea than drinking strawberry shake with dash of naphthalene powder. Hmmm I think I should try a sip. Kya farak padta hai.

And no new year resolution, so far . Tumhe koi mile achhi si to batana. Mera matlab resolution.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Happy New Year

just to wish the readers, if there are any, a happy and prosperous and happening and exciting and joyful and cheerful and rocking new year.

E N J O Y !