Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Jaane bhi do yaaron

I switched on the computer to delete my last post but since it has already been noticed, I let it be. It was an impulsive post. Infact I had never written one post after another in such a short time ever before. And its funny that I am writing so quickly when I actually mentioned about not doing it at all. Just to clear the air, I regret I wrote that previous post. Those were all harmless and real feelings, but I doubt if they ought to put on the blog.

I have been absent from the college since the last three days. Infact, I have hardly been there except for the token visit on eighth. Some indispensable engagements have kept me at home and its very likely I wont be able to make it to the college for the next three days as well. And now when I know its not possible, I feel like getting back as soon as anything. Never satisfied of whats on hand. If that is where I am going, I would like to correct myself at the earliest.

The metro ride on the eighth January was one after about two months for me. And I liked it to the hilt. At the kashmere gate station, while I was changing the metro, a girl, who was already in that train was confused about where she was to get down. While she intended to go to shastri nagar, and was travelling on the absolutely fine route, a rocking cool dude told her to get down at kashmere gate itself since he thought she was to get down at shastri park station which had already been left behind and not shastri nagar. Why he thought so is anybody's guess. My guess is this dude was more confused than the girl actually. Then he could have shut up. Maybe, he was very eager to help people out. Maybe he was just watched an ashaaram ji bapu ka satsang, or maybe Osho's. I don't know. But when I saw things going wrong, I asked her to stay inside as its shastri park that has been left behind and her destination was infact for five stations away.

This dude in appearance, was a 23-24 year old, was just a shade darker than kofi annan, an inch shorter to rajpal yadav, smiled like prem chopra, had a 36 inch waist, and wore a 38 inch waistsized cargo. In mentality, he was somewhere between the on screen gulshan grover and the off screen shakti kapoor, aaooooo. Suddenly that cool dude, for no apparent reason, turned hot. His facial expression seemed to suggest I have pasted a chewing gum, already chewed, on his hair. But trust me, I did nothing close to this.

He came towards me and asked - kya keh raha hai madam se.
Me- kaun madam.
Him - pointing to that girl - unse kya keh raa hai.
I was totally clueless about what wrong have I done, so I told him - bhaiya unko shastri nagar jaana hai nagar. Vo to abhi ayega naa.
He turned so fast as if he was never talking to me, went to the girl, and said - madam baitho baitho yahan baitho aapko aage jaana hai. He was so assertive she actually sat next to him.

And then he started never to stop.

He-'I am so sorry madam, kuch confusion thi'
She-'haan pata chal gaya'
He-'main nagar ko park samjha'
He-'shastri nagar to hamara roz ka aana jaana hai'
He-'vaha kahan jaoge aap'
She-'vaha se to kuch lekar aage gurgaon jaana hai'
He-'achha achha vahn se gurgaon bhi jaana hai, okhei (i.e. OK)'
She is quiet. And looking nervous.
He-'Life is tough naa, he he he he'
She is quiet. Found nothing to laugh about.
He- vahaa aapke relative hain?
Me- (thinking - ise kya lena hai )
She-I am going for my job. Its my first day'.
He- ji ji ji ji o ho I see. Arre badi galti ho jaati aap utar jaate toh he he he he he he he' .. He is looking as happy as I have never been. The only time I came close to being that happy was when I cleared iitjee, or when we bought our first car. He looked as if he has struck a billion dollar jackpot.
He tried to keep the conversation running and she tried to keep it short. She failed. He was unstoppable. Kawasaki bajaj calibre was put to shame.
'Kaun si company'
'Kitna pay package'
'Kitne workhours'
'Jack/ sifarish ya khud se'
'Blah blah blah'

When she got down, he was seemingly upset. He must have kicked the ground once out of the metro. Must have told himself -

Karat karat abhyas ke jadmati hot sujan
Rasri aavat jaat te sil par padat nishan

Meanwhile, a concerned father of a beautiful lass was constantly revolving his eyeballs all over the metro train, and even outside the windows, to check if anyone's gazing at his daughter. With his big black moustache, I don't think anyone did. Though they did gaze at his moustache every few seconds.

These were plain ,'as o saw it', sort of metro musings. From what I collected on Monday. I think I have written a lot abut metro now, although I have no special fascination for the metro. Jab pizza hut jaane lagunga, vahaa ka likhne mein aur mazaa ayega.


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