Saturday, January 6, 2007

Vacations electrified - II/returns/reloaded

Its here. Vacations finally ending now. Tomorrow I will pack my bags back to DCE. It is really funny that I was pretty messed up and bored almost all these 35 days and still there is a tinge of sadness is my thoughts when I know that holidays are over. This feeling - ok. Just five more days. Five days is no big deal. - this is what I've been feeling all this day. All those things that were like a burden, seem 'not that bad, after all' , rather they seem pretty interesting now. I thoroughly liked my yoga session in the morning, which I joined just 20 days back and will discontinue hereafter. All these 20 days, infact I went there just 11-12 days out of twenty, I tried to find all sorts of reasons to somehow avert the days' session, but I pretty much liked it today. I felt I could lose 10 kgs, I felt I could give salman khan a complex, if I had a week more to exercise.

I am twenty and still don't know driving a car. I was never infact very enthusiastic about it especially after the tough time I had learning to ride a bike. And mummy always used to say.. See Sudhanshu can drive at 18, Archit can drive- he's just 16, Rahul can drive even though they don't have a car. Why can't you . This. That. This. That. Previously, I used to argue - this is what they have been doing all the time, flying all around delhi's hap places while I was burning midnight oil trying to learn reduction, oxidation, disproportionation, clemmanson, amplitudes, photons blah blah blah. Now I thought there was no point hiding my weaknesses behind words that were as unknown to mummy as acting to tushar kapoor. And I pledged at the beginning of the vacations that I'll learn it, rather I'll become an expert at it. I tried driving, quite reluctantly, about 3 times during the vacations, didn't make much progress, I guess I am far too overcautious about not making any road accident. Vacations over. Forget the expertise. I can't even take the U turn properly.

I am not quite excited about going to college, I have quite a few good friends there who I like to visit every now and then, even during vacations. But there are as many, infact more, guys who are plain fake. Guys, who surprisingly, act as if you know them since your previous incarnation, but won't think twice to change factions if that puts them in a more advantageous position. If one detaches himself from involvement and notices the daily drama from a neutral/ higher/indifferent perspective, it'll occur instantaneously that most are playing just one game, the one to show others down. Opportunism. Pretence. Alright, things are not as bad as in Big Boss - har daily soap ka baap. Those guys are apparently wanting to eat out each other's pancreas. Maybe its like this at most places, even in other colleges, even in offices, everywhere, maybe. But certainly not at home. Since I have to live there, I am a hosteller, its not a pleasant proposition shifting residences from home to college. There is thrill alright. We don’t have nightouts at home. we don’t talk and crack jokes till the wee hours of the morning at home. All this happens only there. There is buzz. There is kick. But there is travesty. I think I'd be better off having tea than drinking strawberry shake with dash of naphthalene powder. Hmmm I think I should try a sip. Kya farak padta hai.

And no new year resolution, so far . Tumhe koi mile achhi si to batana. Mera matlab resolution.

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