Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Psychological Laggards

Dear page, your emptiness and mine
correspond, so I guess we're fine
when we bond. Bond we can't very
easily with others, can we? Merry

making of kids as a cracker burns,
we see, smile at with observant glee,
but we mostly can't partake in turns,
you and me, in that fun, can we?

This world's too fast for us for whom
a quick flutter of a cuckoo's wings
can mean a day's musings, or a room
opened after ages with a broom, brings

pictures of wilderness to mind to stay
for longer than with each other lovers do.
For now distractions galore, people stray,
and it's not even that their love isn't true.

Let's face it that we're from some other age,
that it's natural for us to be alone, or let's lie
to each other that our rage, dear page,
is a matter of mood, is a whim cap-a-pie.


  1. That's a fine muse. All of a sudden, I envy you.

  2. The muse is an empty page. Everyone has an empty page. Everyone, often, is an empty page. What is it you envy me for then?

  3. I envy you for being able to notice that empty page.

    Read it again. Along with the Novemeber Rain in A'bad, the lines made my day!

  4. I am sure you too would notice it, if you were so I idle as I am. But then again, would you want to be so idle? I guess not; not you of all people. :)

    More and more now, I find myself believing that nobody would like the stuff I write (like truly believing it, and not just feigning modesty), and more than ever before, it reassures me, now, when I get to know someone liked it. It's a strange feeling, I tell you. Plus I really admire much of what you write, so I'm doubly glad that you liked it. :)

    And what's the thing about Prof. Mathews?

  5. People read you and like you. I would like to remind of a fan of yours who went to the extent of copying your writings and modeling himself on his blog, around what he thought is you. :) It's tough to follow you around if you keep moving/go into hiding every now and then!

    Prof. Mathew did his doctorate from TISS in sociology. He shows us how the marketing campaigns, popular mass media content and the advertisements reflect our social structure. He teaches courses like cultural studies, Indian film studies and foreign film studies etc and showcases amazing movies as part of his lectures.

    He is a feminist indeed, but then again of the right kind.

    Glad to know someone still remembers that I used to write and liked it too. Thanks. :)

  6. I love what you write.
    (You're crazy).