Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Making good on promises past.

So on the first day of the year I promised to write a blog post here about something I learn "almost daily" and then stopped after day 2. That is a familiar theme with new year resolutions. I see a problem there in that statement I made. It was the qualifier "almost". Qualified promises are like qualified love: imaginary. Secondly, vague goals detract from implementation. So, yeah, I shamelessly claim that I'll be updating it daily. Yes, that would be every day. One of the main motivations for writing things down on the blog is the belief that writing notes is not only helpful as a revision tool for committing things to memory, but also that there are things you learn while writing about a subject that you had not learned while reading about it before.

I have been spending a few hours everyday learning some interesting stuff, only I never got around to writing about that here - so I'm hoping to also backfill some entries retroactively for the lost 26 days of the year whenever I go back to revising that stuff.

Here we go again.

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