Thursday, March 26, 2015


February and March haven't been great, healthwise. In February, I first contacted seasonal flu that lasted four days and just when I thought I had recovered, a week later I was down with a terribly irritating allergy that made breathing unbearable for a week. There is nothing like a blocked nose to make you realize how beautiful your immediately preceding life was. Then March began with a stomach that couldn't cope up with the move to India, and finally, a day before I was to travel back to the US, I contacted viral infection that led to bacterial infection and tonsillitis that I'm still battling. I'm recovering well and hoping to be fine in the next couple of days and hoping, also, that this will be the end of it for this year. All this has already set me back at least a month in my plans, and in addition to the time lost, what I worry about is the momentum lost. I think that it will now take me a couple of weeks just to get back into the groove of things and get the motivation going. Anyway. Hope that happens very very soon.

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