Monday, August 17, 2015

Reading list for the near future

Philosophy of Mind
Arthur Schopenhauer "On Thinking for Oneself"
Henry Hazlitt "Thinking as a Science"
Francis Bacon "On Studies"
Herbert Spencer "What knowledge is of most worth?"
E.H. Griggs "The Use of the Margin"
Adi Shankara "Vivekachoodamani"
Anonymous "Kenopnishad"
Anonymous "Taittriya Upanishad"
Swami Chinmayananda "Self-Unfoldment"
Iain McGilchrist "The Master and His Emissary"
Richard Thaler "Misbehaving"
Daniel Kahneman "Thinking Fast and Slow"

Finance and Economics
Andrew Ang "Asset Management"
Antti Ilmanen "Expected Returns"
John Cochrane "Asset Pricing"
Lasse Heje Pedersen "Efficiently Inefficient"
Steven Drobny "Inside the House of Money"
Will Durant "The Lessons of History"
Ray Dalio "Economic Principles"
George Soros "The Alchemy of Finance"
Robert Shiller "Irrational Exuberance"
Raghuram Rajan "Fault Lines"

Robert Kanigel "The Man Who Knew Infinity"
Richard Ravitch "So Much To Do"

William Trevor "The Story of Lucy Gault"
John Banville "The Untouchable"
P G Wodehouse "The Most of P G Wodehouse"
Kingsley Amis "Lucky Jim"

Will write a review on this blog for each (more likely 'lessons from them' than 'reviews of them') once I read them.

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