Tuesday, December 15, 2015

My wishes for 2016

1. That I can enhance, at a faster pace than before, my ability to just put my head down and study.

2. That I turn insights into habits, by internalizing if-then causal relationships and use it to forego instant gratification*. "Insight separated from practice remains ineffective" -Erich Fromm

2. That humility, that rarest of genuinely held qualities, becomes, at least, ever so slightly more pervasive in the world.

3. That when someone writes someone a letter, it is read by the recipient. I wouldn't go so far as to wish it is always replied to, but that it is read I do wish, even for the most unlikable of senders.

4. That I'm able to avoid all situations where I feel compelled to lie. That if I do face such situations, I stand for truth anyway.

5. That the cockroaches that I knowingly kill forgive me. More importantly, in case there's a provider-dependent schematic in cockroach communities, that their dependents can forgive me. Better still, that my apartment stays cockroach-free.

6. That I'm able to genuinely inspire someone. Inspire by way of being, that is, not by accomplishments.

7. That people who harm themselves, stop harming themselves. That people who harm others, also stop harming themselves.

8. That I exercise regularly (learn swimming!), and eat healthy. That others do so too.

9. That I can link my identity to my over-riding purpose alone.

10. That I meditate regularly.

*Through 9 and 10.

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