Friday, January 15, 2016


Call me some time. It will very likely be awkward, yes,
but just a little. Tell me what work is like, what you do,
and I'll respond with measured interest, no more no less,
crack appropriate jokes - some old ones, but mostly new.

Important things hogged all attention, and time has shot.
Yesterday, I loved your taste, and you loved Wodehouse
and Rumi, who have grown on me, and Eliot, who has not.
Recommend a book, maybe, or stuff on the web to browse?

So much of life is hard work, and planning for tomorrow,
and that may be how it ought to be, by jove, for all I care!
But of that precious ticking time, I'd really like to borrow
a tiny bit of listening to any words you'd like to spare.

[November 30, 2015 | New York City]

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